How You Can get control of aNY classroom No matter how tough the students
"I can boldly say I have the best job that exists thanks to your system"  Elmien Harmen
"My students were happier, I was happier and the rest of the year was a breeze" - Patsy Anston, Texas
Dear fellow teacher,

Classroom Discipline 101 has set a whole new standard since 2008 for stressed-out teachers worldwide as to what kind of classroom environment it is possible to achieve quickly with any group of students, anywhere.

Quiet, focused, on task and respectful at all times. That is what you want (and deserve) for your classes, isn't it?

In my ebook Classroom Discipline 101 you will find the exact system I used for over 20 years in Los Angeles toughest public schools and probation camps to get each and every one of my classes in order from Day 1. 

It is possible.

I know because I have done it consistently in even the most difficult schools, with the most difficult students under the most difficult circumstances, and tens of thousands of teachers worldwide have now used it to accomplish the same.

"I can't believe the speed at which things have improved"  Liz Marcuso

I decided over 20 years ago that I would not be a teacher stressed out by constant noise, disruption, disrespect and chaos if I wanted a successful teaching career, and since I could find nothing that helped with my teaching situation even remotely, developed my own system for any teaching situation I could possibly encounter to achieve that aim

I knew it was not practical or acceptable to hope to get better-behaved classes next year or next semester.  I developed the method for myself - not for a college course or to theorize about behavior - to insure all my classes from now on would attain that high standard of behavior.

My system is designed to address the REALITY teachers face in tough classrooms, not what professors, theorists and policy makers would like the reality to be.

 Years after using my methods and enjoying the best behaved classes anywhere, the internet made it possible for me to share my methods with the world and the book achieved a popularity I had not anticipated.  Now I want you to have the same for your classes.

"I teach at an inner-city High School in Washington D.C., notorious for its behavior problems.  I can't thank you enough...they are almost perfect angels in my is wonderful!"  Nicolette

Over 19,000 teachers around the world have used my techniques to achieve their ideal classroom atmosphere. 

If you want success, model success. I will show you step by step how to transform noisy, disruptive, even chaotic classrooms into groups of respectful, on-task, model students!

  •  Taught over 11,000 different secondary students in the inner - city and elsewhere around Los Angeles of all ages, abilities and ethnic backgrounds.
  •  Revolutionized the field of classroom discipline with the methods set down in my groundbreaking book                    Classroom Discipline 101. For teachers worldwide, Classroom Discipline 101 set a whole new standard and model of possibility for the excellent behavior that can be achieved with any group of students.
  •  Been a full-time teacher, long-term substitute and/or day-to-day substitute in over 80 secondary schools
  • Taught juvenile offenders in interim schools and Los Angeles County probation camps
  •  Traveled to Harlem and Rio de Janeiro to work with troubled schools there to prove my techniques work anywhere
  •  Become the only new addition in the leading University Textbook Building Classroom Disciplinewith an entire chapter devoted to his/her methods in 2008, 2011 and 2014 (Google Craig Seganti - Building Classroom Discipline)
  •  Given seminars on my system to teachers in New York, Los Angeles and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 
  •  Had 3 Television Producers, a major Beverly Hills talent agency and 8 production companies meet/contact me about a doing a reality show as having witnessed my success.
"Seganti's approach..has high potential for fostering respectful interactions that stimulate productive effort and promote positive relations among members of the class"  C.M. Charles
(Chapter 5 of C.M. Charles leading university textbook 'Building Classroom Discipline' is devoted to my system)
But how does that benefit YOU in YOUR situation?

I guarantee my techniques are the simplest, best and quickest way to achieve your ideal classroom environment every time

For my first few years teaching my classes were often unruly, disrespectful and sometimes chaotic to say the least. 

I shouted, warned, cajoled, repeated 'quiet', showed respect, changed my pedagogy, and tried every other kind of useless, vague advice given me, only to remain frustrated and go home stressed, dreading, yes dreading, the next day.

Finally, in the middle of a long-term sub assignment with noisy, disruptive classrooms in an East Los Angeles middle school, where the students often ignored my directions, talked through instruction, got out of their seats and even ran in and out of the classroom, I had had enough.  

I went home one weekend and devised a system designed to cut off and eliminate every behavior problem and manipulation technique I encountered from students, starting from outside class before the bell (they would run wildly into class) until class was dismissed.

Bell to bell.

When I came back into school that Monday I implemented my new system, worked even better than I had imagined.  I'd solved the riddle!

Over the next 15 or so years I used my system in every teaching situation I encountered, with a some modifications and refinements, and achieved a reputation as the teacher who somehow got his classes to behave like model students starting from day one no matter what the rest of the school was doing. 

In 2008 I wrote my techniques down for other teachers to follow and Classroom Discipline 101 became an immediate success, finding its way into classrooms in the U.S., New Zealand, Australia, England, and even countries such as Germany and Israel.
Now you can have access to the system and techniques I perfected over 20 years to get your classroom in order this week!
If You Want Success, Model Someone Who Has Been Successful in Your Situation
Which of these scenarios would you like to stop right now?
• The Redirector - you end up redirecting and warning your students so many times your lesson becomes a lesson in redirecting and accumulating warnings.
 • The Inner-City Special - students are entering and leaving the class at will, talking, shouting, listening to Mp3 players and throwing things while you stand there feeling powerless. Otherwise known as ‘Invisible Man’ (or woman) - it’s as if you don’t exist!
• The Lawyer—students lie to you and manipulate you, saying ‘I wasn’t talking’ or whatever other misbehavior they are doing and you stand there foolishly arguing with them.
•Lost in Space - students are running around the classroom, out of their seats and you have no idea where to start, shouting feebly ‘sit down!’
• Old Yeller—you have to yell ‘quiet!’ several times a class, just to have the noise start simmering again when you start the lesson.
Before you look into a classroom discipline book from any other source, perhaps you should check the credentials of the author.
There are hyped-up marketing whizzes out there and ivory tower theories which claim all sorts of magic but who don’t have the real life experience to back it up and have never faced the kinds of situations you and I have.
I have faced the toughest classrooms in Los Angeles and New York, perhaps the toughest in the world, and have virtually eliminated classroom disruption and created respect in every case.
Now you can do the same!
Finally, you can learn the classroom management strategies you need from a real teacher who has experienced thousands upon thousands of difficult classroom scenarios, mastered classroom discipline and emerged as the teacher who knows how to eliminate behavior problems under any circumstance.

Look, as teachers we don’t want classroom discipline just for its own sake or because we are on some kind of a power trip, but so that we can give to the students what we have to offer. The purpose of a classroom management system is to free you up to spend your time in stress-free teaching.

I know you have marvelous gifts you are waiting to offer your students, if only you could get them to settle down and listen. I understand your frustration. I understand when you are told to get your students to behave but don't have any real means to do it properly. You cannot 'build relationships' with disruptive students. If you have been told that you need to make your lessons more interesting and students will listen, you have been told that by someone who perhaps is not in touch with the reality you are facing in your classroom.  

You cannot have a fascinating lesson be a requirement for student attention and respect, and it doesn't work anyway.  It's not practical advice. 

The only real consideration of an idea, method, or system is:  

Does it work? If it doesn't, it is simply not a good system. Use what works and get rid of everything else. Simple as that sounds, many teachers/schools/school systems keep hammering away at things that don't work. Get rid of what hasn't worked for you and get ready to join my exclusive club of MPTs - Manipulation-Proof-Teachers!

I am here to tell you with over 20 years experience teaching in over 80 schools, if what you are trying isn't working, it is not your fault - you've simply been given advice/methods/theories that don't work!  What is important is not what should work or what you want to work or what someone told you would work - the only important thing to you is what actually works.

If you want to enjoy a long-term teaching career you cannot battle disruption, noise and disrespect every day and also get your message across.  You cannot leave school feeling worn out and brace yourself for what you might face the next day. I wouldn’t have lasted more than 20 years if I'd spent my time doing that! You must go into your classroom knowing students will behave and you will be free to teach your lesson unstressed by behavior problems.

And bunch of complicated methods and techniques is not the answer - the system must be fairly simple. Otherwise your job becomes a classroom management exercise when you want to teach.

Now you can quickly end your daily stress by implementing a system designed to work quickly and simply with any classroom.  

Most teachers in tough situations quit after a year or two, and can you blame them? 

Fortunately, fairly early in my career (after 3 or 4 years of redirecting, shouting quiet, giving warnings, getting manipulated, etc.) I developed a system of classroom discipline that was so powerful and effective that discipline would no longer be an issue in my classes - one that gave me the freedom to spend my time teaching instead of dealing with behavior problems day in and day out. You see, good behavior and attentiveness are not a choice in my classroom, they are a requirement.
I honestly believe that should be your goal—not to have decent classroom control, but to eliminate behavior problems altogether so that you spend all of your time teaching.
That may sound to good to be true, but when you learn my principles of accountability and leverage it can be done. I am going to show you exactly how I apply those to eliminate behavior problems.
Let’s face it—you wouldn’t be reading this if your classrooms were the way you want them. 

Anything you learned about classroom discipline in college you’ve probably already chucked out the window because it doesn't match the reality of your situation. I don’t blame you.  

Maybe you feel guilty because your classrooms are out of control or chronically noisy, and think it is a shortcoming on your part. 

It’s not. You’ve been told to accomplish something without having been given the proper tools!  You can't put out a forest fire with a squirt gun!

Do you know that inner-city teacher is rated one of the highest stress jobs, sometimes topping the list over Police Officer, Air Traffic Controller, and Miner?!!

You are told to keep rude students respectful, wild students calm, shouting students quiet, all while being an expert instructor and getting their skills to the next level.  

But how are you supposed to accomplish this

By having high expectations? By parent conferences? By relating to them culturally? By building relationships? By having students who misbehave form a committee and vote on how you treat them? (Yes, there are schools that do that!)

If these things worked then classroom discipline wouldn’t be the number one problem in education today and you wouldn't be reading this. 

I have forged tools and techniques where there were none. I have cracked the code on every conceivable situation you may face, and I’m going to share this code with you.

I am not going to give you a few suggestions for organizing your classroom or tell you to show enthusiasm or make your lessons more engaging or say ‘be positive with the students’ or otherwise insult your intelligence with things you could figure out for yourself and that don't deal with reality. I’m going to show you step by step how to virtually eliminate your classroom behavior problems and create an atmosphere where you spend your time in a stress-free teaching environment doing what you do best - teaching.   

"...a thing of beauty and wonder to see all these so-called hardcases sitting there quietly working away for 50 minutes without a peep" - Mick M.
  •  If you want to:
  •  Teach 100% of the time instead of disciplining your class
  •  Have students attentively listening to your lessons   
  •  Not go home at the end of the day feeling like you’ve just endured the Battle of Hastings, but relaxed and stress free,        then this might be the most important letter of your teaching career
How much is masterful classroom control worth to your teaching career?
Finally—instead of theoretical ideas, suppose you could have clear action steps for every kind of discipline situation and learn to bring any classroom under control—with all students attentive, respectful, and quiet.

If you are teaching under the paradigm that you must learn dozens of ways to deal with every kind of situation, that is a paradigm which will never achieve model behavior from students. 

I'll show you how to change this paradigm to one where you are going to set up your classroom to prevent these situations from coming up in the first place!  That's right - my system works because I set things up so that 90% of the classroom behavior problems you are facing right now will never arise. Prevention, not reaction. Remember, this is what I have done time and time again in the real world of difficult classrooms with unprecedented success.
Imagine yourself in the classroom day after day spending all of your time teaching to an attentive, orderly class. That’s why we got into teaching, that’s what we deserve, and that’s what I guarantee you are going to achieve.

Too good to be true? Well, it isn’t—not if you have the real-life tools I will give you that have earned me the reputation as “Mr. Classroom Discipline” - the teacher whose students are in their seats at the bell, quiet, respectful, on-task, and attentive all the time. 

Even with the toughest classrooms in America.

Think about it. Knowing how to keep a classroom not only controlled but on task and attentive is the most crucial skill a teacher can have, without which no effective teaching can take place.

You have a lot to offer—you just need a chance to offer it.

It is a terrible feeling going into class every day feeling you don’t have the tools to get the atmosphere you want.  

It is wonderful going into your class every day knowing that you will be teaching the entire time in a sane atmosphere, that you now have the tools to handle any situation, instead of trying to bring order or shushing a chronically disruptive student or yelling ‘quiet’ over and over.  

Simply put, having your classroom under perfect control brings the joy back to teaching.
But creating that atmosphere is the hard part…
You might figure out how to do it after many years (though few do--I know quite a few veterans who haven’t!) and endless stress, repetition, arguments and going home worn-out, dreading the next round tomorrow. 

I am aware some teachers even cry at the end of the day—they have never been told it would be like this. You get into teaching to share your gifts and help students learn, and are rewarded by disruption and disrespect. 

And it seems often the system defends the rights of disruptive students while ignoring the plight of teachers. That’s backwards - you and administrators have a responsibility to defend the rights of those who want to learn.

Maybe you are too embarrassed to say ‘My classroom is out of control,' because you think it reflects badly on you, when no one has given you the proper classroom discipline techniques to address the situations you are facing. 

I have been inside the classrooms of teachers who have been teaching for years and act as if everything is fine at teachers’ meetings - and their classrooms are chaotic! 

So you are not alone.

Or maybe your classes are well-behaved to a degree but there is a constant undercurrent of noise or buzz and you feel that you’ve gotten close enough. But that steady classroom ‘buzz’ will wear you down over time and students will not get the benefit of a focused, attentive, on-task environment, which is essential to real achievement. That is, after all, the goal.

That undercurrent of non-attention really undermines learning in the long run and leaves you burned out. Even a little noise during a lesson is distracting and unacceptable.

Others talk about high standards of student behavior.  Classroom Discipline 101 shows you how to achieve them.

Listen - I have solved this riddle. I wrote this book for you. Instead of knocking yourself out day after day trying to come up with a way to finally get the control you want, you can now within minutes have all of my tactics and procedures - the same action steps that have enabled me to address every classroom situation knowing the outcome will be successful.

(Yes, I have the game rigged for you to win—because when you win the students also win). Whether your class needs a few small attitude adjustments or it’s time to bring order out of chaos, the answer is here:
Classroom Discipline 101: How to Get Control of Any Classroom No Matter How Tough the Students
Finally! Real procedures that work with real students in real world classrooms. Every tool and action step you need to know to have masterful classroom discipline is right here!
Does it seem like some of the ideas you've been given for classroom management are from episodes of Little House on the Prairie when your classroom more resembles Little House of Horrors?
Which of These Powerful Methods Found Inside My Manual Could You Use to Master Your Classroom Control?
  •  Mr. Seganti’s 10 Classroom Rules(airtight and copyright). Worth the price of the book just to know exactly what rules and procedures you need to cover every student loophole and manipulative tactic for a smooth year. Then I will teach you the important part—how to prevent when possible and enforce when necessary.
  • 10 Biggest Teacher Discipline Mistakes—when you recognize one of these you can stop doing it immediately, saving you years of lost energy and stress—just not doing        oneof these may be worth the price of the book!
  •  7 Rules for Teachers—These will keep you in the right ‘frame’ so that you know exactly how to respond to any situation, even if you haven’t seen it before.
  •  What to Do When Administration Doesn’t Back You Up. Feel like your Counselor or Dean doesn’t support you? I will let you know exactly what to say to them to have them wishing every teacher used your discipline policy. When they find out how you take the heat off of them they’ll love you for it.  
  •  What to do if the class is already out of control--sure, it’s best to have these techniques from Day 1. But here’s how to achieve these results even after things have gotten out of control. •
  •  Why you don’t have to be ‘tough’ to achieve this—it is not a matter of being tough but knowing how to apply leverage—remember, a stick can move a boulder if you know where to apply it. I will show you how to get the leverage you need to get the results you want—without being tough or nasty.
  •  Exploding the Myths of Discipline:  Wonder why the things you’ve been told before don’t work? Here’s why: I will explain why they don’t work and what        doeswork—then take you, step by step, through the process of the successful methods I have used for 20 years.
  •  Recreated Dialogues and Scenarios—I recreate the dialogues, scenarios and manipulative tactics of students you are so familiar with and show you exact ways to respond.  
  •  How to Come Out the Winner in Every Encounter—that includes students, counselors, deans and administration. I’ll show you why when you win everybody wins.  
  •  Mr. Seganti’s Preventive Medicine: Why wait for the problem to arise? I show you how to keep 90% of your problems from occurring in the first place.  That's right - change your paradigm right now from a teacher who reacts to poor behavior to a teacher who creates a classroom environment where it seldom occurs.  
And lots more…these just touch on every secret I have learned and employed to consistently achieve quiet, attentive, focused classrooms. They are part of a complete system which will eventually eliminate any classroom discipline problems.
I don’t show you tricks-- I teach you solid, concrete techniques which I have used with hundreds of my own classrooms over a 20 year career as a full time teacher and substitute to achieve masterful classroom discipline in Los Angeles toughest urban schools. Some of my imitators/competitors do not even list their credentials!  Have they dealt first hand with some of the most incorrigible students ever?

Okay, so what’s it worth to start right now on the way to masterful classroom discipline?  How much would you pay to have all of your classrooms quiet, respectful and attentive while you taught?

Well, realize that you have spent thousands of dollars and hours of time in university courses that were supposed to give you this information-- but didn’t. 

Even another week in the classroom without this manual will cost you hours of stress, lost teaching time, and headaches.

Months and years without these techniques will add up into thousands of hours of lost time, stress, and unnecessary work and pain—really, when you think about it, the value of something that will stop all that is worth hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

But I’m not going to charge you anywhere near that amount or even my minimum consultation price.  In fact,  when you order now your total investment for this absolute definitive manual on Classroom Discipline is only $19.95!

I am a teacher, like you.  Every year I see new teachers struggle with problems they had no idea were going to face them, and suffer because they have not been given the tools to do the job. Often the ideas you are given from universities and other sources do not match up with the reality you face in the classroom. Sound familiar? Again, you are not alone.

It is like someone told you to drive the truck but left no steering wheel. 

I have developed every tool and technique you need to achieve classroom discipline and think you deserve them. 

I was once where you are, and wish I’d had this manual to save me about 3 years of shouting, placating, warnings, ‘high expectations’ and every other useless device I tried to bring my classes to order. 

I actually get excited by the idea that I am saving teachers from unnecessary stress and showing you how to get your classes in order once and for all so that you can enjoy your time teaching. 

Imagine how great you will feel when classroom discipline is just not an issue anymore, and you can spend all of your energy on your lessons.

Beware!!  Of Imitators and Slick Sales Marketers. In Classroom Discipline 101 you will find all of the methods I have used and use now to get masterful classroom discipline in real life situations. Some imitators have taken my techniques and pass them off as their own.

 I look forward to hearing from you and what a pleasure it now is to teach your classes.  Remember, I am so sure this manual will be the one to turn your teaching around that I am offering it risk free.

Order now and within minutes you can be on your way to eliminating behavior problems and getting the classroom discipline you want!
Your success in using Classroom Discipline 101 is completely risk free. In fact, here’s my 100 percent Better-Than-Take-It-to-the-Bank Guarantee:

I personally guarantee that Classroom Discipline 101 will give you the tools and techniques to get control of any classroom within days. My system is designed to be simple and have classes in order quickly - from the first day to a week at most. But if after a full 30 days, you honestly believe that I have not delivered on this promise, then let me know and I will issue you a prompt and courteous refund. 

Just write me: with the headline 'Refund Please' and I promise a hassle-free, no-questions-asked refund. 

That means you can try out all the Classroom Discipline 101 materials at my risk, while you see if they work for you or not. And if you don’t get the results you imagined, I honestly want you to ask for your money back. And I’ll let you keep the free bonus gifts as my way of thanking you for giving Classroom Discipline 101 a try.

There is no risk whatsoever on your part. The burden to deliver is entirely on me. If you don’t have immediate success getting your classroom in order using Classroom Discipline 101 then I’m the loser, not you.  

Look at it this way--$19.95 is really a painless investment compared to the avalanche of time and headaches you are going to spend making a go of it on your own or trying the ineffective techniques of others this year (I assume you’ve already tried those and that’s why you’re still reading—since when can you control a rude student with ‘high expectations’?) You really can’t afford not to have this manual at your side.

It’s easy to get started right away. 
Get ready to achieve your dream classroom!

Your fellow educator, Craig Seganti
P.S. I’m truly happy I can help you to avoid the pain and stress I and other teachers have had to go through to achieve masterful classroom discipline; just think - you can now spend the rest of your teaching career teaching in a focused, respectful, on-task classroom.
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