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Note: All of the following authentic testimonials were emails sent to me unsolicited, which after receiving I wrote back to requesting permission to use, which explains why locations, grades, etc. are not always listed. I also edit, for obvious reasons, specific techniques mentioned from the book and use only first name last initial to protect privacy...Craig

Classroom Discipline Testimonials

"You are absolutely welcome to include my comments on your website. I hope they will encourage many others to purchase your books. I really like your approach to teaching for it defies political correctness and bases its methods squarely on the principle of cause and effect. Your advice carries so much practical wisdom that has helped me improve my subbing skills and reduce job-related stress.

I also believe your audiobook is a great benefit to your listeners as it is well-paced and read clearly and with enthusiasm. It has helped me save time as I am able to listen to the book while driving or preparing for work."

Read the Original email from Chester...

"I love you, Craig Seganti. I am 64 years old and in my last year of teaching. I never had class management problems until I came to my present school 7 years ago. Ironically, it was supposed to be one of the best schools in the district. I went from having written no more than 3 referrals for an entire year to writing about 3 a week in this school. Needless to say, the administration was not happy with me never mind that the students were disrespectful and not complying with rules, and I mean campus wide. So I drank their Kool Aid: gave verbal warnings, gave written warnings, called parents, counseled the students - it was implied though never written: beg them to behave and stay on task.

You know how effective that was! Thank goodness I came across your book.  I am back to the teacher I had been before and just because you validated my discipline practices. My students are quiet, focused on work, and know that I say what I mean and mean what I say.

Bless you, "

Gail H.

"I was looking for middle school teaching ideas on the English companion Ning when behavior was mentioned and someone posted about your book and how effective it was.  I was skeptical as I have tried several programs and invested hundreds of dollars on books on behavior and engagement with little success. I thought I had nothing to lose. I was happy to see that an audio book came with the book.

The minute I heard your voice and ideas I knew we were on the same page and you had experience with my student population. The results are unbelievable. My principal was wary of all these rules but he allowed it. I have called him several times to visit the class in these last three days. Each time he has been blown away! My fellow teacher can't stop smiling and is wondering if he is being "punked"!  We are so happy and can't wait to have this climate continue.

Again many thanks for your program, "

Maureen W.

"Can I just say a huge thank you for changing not only my teaching day but my life!  I was very apprehensive about buying the book without first seeing any of it's contents but I must say the gamble I took buying it has certainly paid off.


"You must get so many emails telling you how right you are and thanking you for making it possible to enjoy teaching again.  I can't believe how different I feel after just two days of implementing your rules.  I teach 4th grade and I had to tweek them some, but I can only say it's a miracle.


"I have never read a better book on the subject of classroom discipline. You have nailed it. Your take on school administration is spot-on. I teach in a middle school and ASD can become a transportation issue, as we have no after school activity buses and not all students are able to walk or ride bikes. I have been empowered, however, by the simple steps of achieving freedom from manipulation. I read and reread your book, and feel better everyday.  The sick feeling of dread I had daily at the prospect of spending the day w/ 7th graders is diminishing.  Thanks so much. "

Rita L

"You have made a huge difference to one teacher plodding away on their own, and a small boy and his family who were looking at a future where he could possibly fail in the education system, despite his intelligence.

My heartfelt thanks for such a gift, for sharing your wisdom, for devising a system to get this information out to the public, and doing it all with clarity and compassion.

Best wishes for your continued success in teaching, both with your classroom students, and the world of teachers at large!

Warmest regards"


"Thanks for all the follow up help and encouragement. Having taught for 24 years, I was pretty confident about classroom management until this year. The school secretary calls it the class from h---. Actually they are good kids with great imaginations, but some combinations just aren't good. Going home with a headache each day was not that much fun. So when I accidently came across your information while searching the web, I felt it was worth a try. The first day was amazing! Two things I discovered that day--how often I interrupted teaching to solve discipline problems and the number of students who have probably never had a consequence for their choices...

Thanks for all your help!"

R. Anderson

"Let me first say thank you for writing this book. I have read it cover to cover and I enjoyed it so much that I am reading it again. I have continuously spread the word about your site and book. I look back to my first year and (I had to) handle some really rough kids using anemic methods(... )discipline techniques (the Principal) discussed did not work on the students I taught.

It feels good to finally have a teacher that has been in the trenches where we are each that first year I had veteran teachers give all manners of advice (just like you mentioned taking down the charging rhino as they watch from a distance) on discipline. I now have a different outlook on my profession, because honestly I thought about leaving it as well because of the stress I endured. That's in my PAST life! Thanks again fellow teacher!"

Chris S. JR.

"Mr. Craig your book I must say is wonderful and a testimony since 2008 when I first saw the preview. I am not only trying to get a copy for myself but also get my principal to order a copy for each of our staff because it a must have for all of us here in Nigeria. THANKS. 

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year."


"I can't thank you enough for your beautifully clear, efficient and achievable system. I followed your instructions to the letter and what a great feeling when some of them thanked me on the way out. My son in Year 8 (same school!) seems to think they will just hate me for following this system but once they realise how much work is being achieved every lesson I know it will be a win for them too.

Thanks for sharing your wisdom and experience and most of all your encouragement and rock hard belief in the process. Because at 2am when I was studying your book and printing out your 101 approach, determined not to repeat the class experience I had yesterday (major shudder), your confidence gave me the belief I could do it. And I DID! A quiet, respectful, focused class for the whole lesson. I intend to repeat everything again next lesson if necessary....

Your ideas, book and supporting articles have been one of the greatest investments of my life. They've reached me all the way on the other side of the world in Sydney, Australia.

You are a true blue, fair dinkum, top bloke!

Thank you Craig. Congratulations on your Classroom 101. "

Mrs Jacqui F.

"Thanks so much for your response.  I have to tell you that I have been teaching for 36 years and am more excited about what I have just learned from you than anything I can remember.  My only recent wish has been to retire, but I can't, but now I'm sure my days are going to be entirely different than they ever have been.  Thank you, thank you. And by the way, where were you 30 years ago?? LOL"



I can't thank everyone enough for the success stories and kind words
that I receive every day from teachers around the world
who have tried Classroom Discipline 101.

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Classroom Discipline Testimonials

"I have taken a lot from your book and implemented it into my yr 6 classroom! Wow what a difference... having changed my arrival routine really has set the day up for success... they come in quietly and the first to talk knows to leave... first day... 5, by Friday of week 1 zero... Thank you and my class thanks you... it has turned into a true learning environment... where the students come to learn."

Kind regards

"First, I would like to congratulate you on your EXCELLENT book. I have only just finished reading it. How refreshing it was to hear from someone who really understands what teachers face in their classrooms and who offers real solutions for real problems!!!"

Rob W.

"It was a miracle! As a first year teacher, after 8 months, I was ready to concede defeat, but now I feel renewed and reinvigorated to face each day with eagerness to teach and satisfaction at what I know my students will learn. Monday I will perform the complete rules review and distribute the rules and make these last 6 weeks of school COUNT!!

Michelle Y.
Middle School Science Teacher - Florida

"Your Classroom Discipline 101 book has made a big difference in my classroom since last spring. My students respect me, and I feel so much more confident about my teaching. When administrators walk in, I don't feel nervous, and I know they like what they see In November of 2009 I even received the "Certificated Employee of the Month" award! I had immediate improvements in my classes when I started using your concepts last spring, what a relief.

Thank you,"

Mrs. Nelson

"You have literally saved my career. This was going to be my last year, I'd had enough of the stress and this year, in particular, with the battle it was to get even good kids to work for their exams.

I am now into week 3 of my new regimen and I must say it is working like a charm. Classes are busy from the moment they come in until they leave, all working quietly (for the majority of the time).

Being a teacher of action, Action, ACTION! is so confidence boosting because it just restores the power to you and brings respect from the pupils.

Your book is by far the best thing I have ever bought in my whole teaching career. Thank you for writing it."

Anne Marie C., U.K.

I do have to tell you that we are using your book as a guide in one of our World Language Spanish middle school class and it is working GREAT!!! The students were so rude and uncontrollable that we actually had to move the teacher that had started in September. We used your book to train the new, less experienced teacher that was going to take over the class and we followed each step as per your suggestions. The students act differently, are studying and actually learning. It looks like a totally different class.

We are so pleased with the program that it will be offered as part of new teacher training for ESL and WL teachers. Craig you can uses us as a reference any time. Thank you for such a wonderful tool, effective strategies and new outlook in classroom management. Keep up the good work!

-Kathy Natalizio
Curriculum Supervisor


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More Classroom Discipline Testimonials

I'm so grateful for all you are doing to help teachers so that they can enjoy teaching and not be stressed out with discipline problems. I must say there's a great change in the atmosphere and they are working but they try to try you at all times to see if you will give in or make an allowance. Thanks for all your help and encouragement. You're great.

Some of my teacher friends threw in the towel as the kids gave them a rough time. It's so sad. We are short of teachers and they are doing less stressful work. Well I'm enjoying teaching with all it's challenges and thanks to you I can avoid discipline problems in the class.


I teach in Australia so we have just restarted for the year, and it still amazes me what a difference your discipline strategies make for me. I had what is generally considered to be one of the worst classes in the school for the first time today and they didn't know what had hit them. My experiences from last year meant that I knew how it would unfold but it is still a thing of beauty and wonder to see all these so called hard cases sitting there quietly working away for 50 solid minutes without a peep.

-Mick Malone, Australia

I'm a 24 year old teacher from South-Africa. I downloaded your book and read it right through the night. Never in my life did I read something so interesting, helpful and real! I would easily pay more than R5000 for your book and I think its value is more than anyone can ever imagine. Thank you very much for sharing it with us. It helped me to become a very happy and satisfied teacher. And I can boldly say I have the best job that exists thanks to your book!

-Elmien, South Africa

"I have just read your book, and what great ideas! I am about a month into school as a first year teacher and started off too lenient with the students. One class was completely out of control and had me frustrated and teary eyed at home. I implemented your rules and consequences today and things went great. It was only the first day, but I feel I am really on the right track with the no more warnings, immediate consequence, and no arguing with students. I cannot thank you enough for writing this book. I have been telling everyone about it!"


"I just graduated as an Elementary teacher, but since I'm just starting out and subbing today I ended up working at an Alternative Ed. program for high school drop-outs. Today, I really used everything I learned from your program(... ..) The staff was so impressed with me, they asked me to become an evening sub for their adult education program, for those who are over 18. I have mental health worker experience so I'm used to being hassled, but I also used what I had learned in your program to keep control of a classroom that could have easily gotten out of control. Your program really does work! Thank You."

Susan Burchett, Grand Rapids, MI

"I just want to tell you that I am so pleased with the results. My experience is wonderful... and guess what, I am a new teacher and I teach at an inner city high school in Washington, DC that is notorious for it's behavioral problems. I can't thank you enough, because I am hearing all around me other teachers who teach the same students that I teach in different subject areas, constantly complaining about these same students. I am surprised because they are almost perfect angels in my class. I can hear a pin drop. I'm telling you it is wonderful!"


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More Classroom Discipline Success Stories

"I purchased your book last year when I had the class from * * * * . I had never had classroom discipline problems until this group. Nothing worked. I implemented your strategies the first day after reading it and was consistent with it for the rest of the year. The environment changed drastically with all students on task and learning taking place. My students were happier, I was happier and the rest of the year was a breeze. Thank you for taking the time to put these strategies into print and share them with the rest of us."

Patt Willard - Florida

“I love this information...I can't read it fast enough!!  Thank you for sharing your years of experience!!”

God bless you,

"I have been looking for a book like yours for years. I have spent way too much money on "plans" that don't work and examples of situations that don't apply to my school. It was refreshing to read what you have to say and learn your advice...I have one class doing quite well. It has been a better beginning than ever before. It is thanks to your realistic approach and the "high expectations" we hear about but you actually have that have helped me the most.

So, thanks again for a great, fantastic book that really should be a part of every building's professional and new teacher development. "

Patricia J.

"Your book is awesome! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with us. I am amazed at how effective this is in the classroom(s) My project kids are even starting to thank me for giving them rules and enforcing those rules. They say it shows I actually care about them. Most of them are not given rules at home nor do they face consequences if they break those rules."

Best Regards,
Patsy - Texas

“I just wanted to send you an email to let you know that many of my visitors and newsletter subscribers have purchased your book. They have sent me their feedback and I wanted to share it with you Craig. The people who have purchase the e-book are thrilled with the excellent, detailed content that you share and it is written in an easy to understand way. As many teachers know, classroom management is one of the most critical aspects of teaching, and like differentiating the instruction it is also one of the most difficult. You make this easy for anyone that purchases your book.

Your book is featured on several of my websites and in my weekly newsletter... and I don't promote too many people's products, yours is one that I will continue to promote, because you do make a difference in education and student success.

To your continued success... and keep helping educators all over the world and it will be a better place.”

Candace Davies

“The material will forever become a part of my procedures. The tips have already helped at my substitute teaching assignments, and will become my procedural guide when I become a certified teacher next spring. Many thanks for providing all the insights from your experiences. We all remain forever indebted.”

Tim H. - Illinois


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More Classroom Discipline Testimonials

"Our students are very disrespectful and it is not uncommon to feel as if you are running with the bulls when you walk out in our school areas. Some students have made it a real sport to be as abusive as possible to staff and other students and then run as fast as possible as they realize there will be no consequence.

When dealing with students it is not uncommon to have them screaming their responses to you. They all seem to have a perceived book on their rights but very little knowledge about responsibilities and appropriate social behaviour. Our admin are pretty progressive and are up to trying new things.. A lot of our staff are stressed or ready to throw in teaching because we are told our students are just like all others. A group of us were very exasperated with what was happening and the lack of control we seem to have. We felt as though our rights as a teacher and a human being had been taken away and excepting bad behaviour had to happen. Not that that is the way it is put.

Anyway, we have purchased your book. There is a group of four of us who are implementing the strategies and supporting each other, we also share your emails and discuss our successes and glitches. The result is great and for the first time in ages I am able to have educational conversations with fellow staff members that are not all focused on behavioural problems.

Thank you for your book and strategies. It is showing us what we all know we should be doing and giving us the permission to do it (as well as the explanations to go with most situations). So you could just be right. Classroom by classroom we can change the expected behaviour of our students and get back to why we are employed... and that is to teach. "

Yours Sincerely,
M.R. - Australia

"Now for the past 5 years I have been staying at home with my children and decided I would try teaching again. I searched for good classroom management ideas and came across your book. I love it!! I wish I would have had it years ago when I started. I laughed a lot reading it also. I will be using your plan and I will keep you updated. "

Thanks for caring,
Renee H. - Florida

"Let me take a moment to tell you that your book has totally transformed my life. I taught high school for eleven years and had two office referrals in that time. In a moment of insanity, I decided to pursue another degree in Middle School Education. The degree was no problem, but my first year in middle school was a total shock. I vowed to never live through another year like last year. I found your book, ordered it, studied it and put it into practice. MIRACULOUS!!!! UNBELIEVABLE! My classroom has been totally transformed. I love getting up and going to work in the morning. I can actually teach; no more policing.

I am an MPT (Manipulation Proof Teacher). THANK YOU"

-Cheryl K.

"I purchased your book last year and implemented everything in it this year. It is amazing. Students are showing up for the short detention after school and it is very powerful to the other students in my class. It is wonderful to have all this leverage without all the extra work. Thanks a Million."

Mark D., Los Angeles Middle School Teacher

"Thank you for writing such a no-nonsense guide to classroom discipline. I was so pleased to see you dispelling so many of the well-worn myths regarding successful delivery of the curriculum. Boy does it work! And I'm enjoying my lessons again.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Abra, Greece


Heartfelt Classroom Discipline Testimonials

I would just like to say how awesome this program is for me. I have been teaching for 14 years and attended a couple of classroom discipline workshops. But Craig, you are the man!

I haven't even finished reading your book as yet. I am only into the first couple of chapters, but having already implemented a couple of the strategies you've outlined (including the three little words), I can tell you it makes a tremendous difference even with my "toughest" class.

Thank you thank you thank you!

I can't wait to get through the remainder of the book because thanks to you my classroom gets quieter and more productive every day! Cheers!

Howard A. - Tracy, California

“Mentor Craig,
I thank the Lord for bringing you and Classroom discipline 101 into my life!”

Kenneth S. - Colorado

I just couldn't be more thrilled, and amazed with the transformation in my work day.

I have two thirds of the football team in my 3rd block class and never thought I would see what I now see every day! They are huge and wild and hyper just out of lunch and a few minutes of unstructured recess before my class time, but now I catch them collecting themselves right before the walk through my door! Then 90 minutes of carefree serious teaching and learning with quiet and respectful students follows. (P.S. We still have fun.) When they leave, not a scrap of trash is on that floor. I am amazed."

Thank you, again.
Virginia B., South Carolina

"Dear Craig,
The control that this program gives me in the classroom is just awesome. Thank you so much! "

Viki P. - Porterdale, GA

"I am teaching in a difficult but not the worst 7-12 school in Western Sydney Australia, I got your book to help me deal with a particularly difficult year 8 class that I took over at the beginning of Term 2 (now nearly the end of term 2) after they had me at breaking point.

I have used your philosophy that no one has the right to deprive someone else of any learning time and I am finding that the kids are responding and have had more learning time in the last week than for most of the past 10 weeks... I can't believe the speed at which things have improved.

Thank you-- my life has improved 1000 fold in the last week and now feel in control and justified in being there.  I have only made this change with one class but have noticed huge improvements in another class - its like there is a hang over atmosphere when they enter."

Liz M. - Sydney, Australia

"I am originally a South African science teacher at the high school level and started teaching in North Carolina in 2005 as part of a teacher exchange program (VIF.) I had 10 years experience at that stage but still needed a shift in the way I managed my classroom. Classroom discipline was OK, not great and actually not like I wanted it. I plodded on for the fist few years in the US system. In the second semester of 2008 I had a terrible class. I really did feel invisible as students were walking around and sitting in groups talking even during lab work. Cussing and shouting was common and I got no respect as a teacher. I seemed to have the worst students in the school. There was also a criminal element in this class. It was truly the worst group of students I had faced in my 14 years as a high school teacher. I needed a solution fast or my career was in danger.

So after 6 weeks with this class I searched the internet one evening and came across your book. I read it (and listened) that night until the early hours, determined that things would change the next day (with all of my classes.) Things were rocky at first with many complaints from parents and administration (as you mention in the book and for the very reasons you speak of) and especially the students (they were not used to being held accountable to such a strict set of rules.) But I persisted with your methods and achieved success. Last school year I was able to start both semesters off using these principles and my school year was great.

I have just finished listening to the book again (for the 5th time) and I am excited about a new year that I can spend sharing my passion for science with attentive well behaved students. I used to take disruption as part of the job and now I will settle for nothing less than near perfection in the classroom. Your book has had a huge positive impact on my teaching experience."

Gavin L. - Western Harnett High School


Every day I receive testimonials like these from real teachers who have taken control of their classrooms for the first time - I am thrilled to see the success these teachers are having and I want the same success for every teacher in every classroom - including yours!

Classroom Discipline 101:
How to Get Control of Any Classroom
Classroom Discipline 101 Book

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